Automotive Launch Control

One of the most important parts of a vehicle launch control is being able to lock and unlock the system. A vehicle's security locks will need to be disengaged so the vehicle can be fully loaded and the system can be successfully unlocked.

This usually entails engaging the mechanical lock on the door or trunk. This is easily accomplished by pressing a keypad button located at the top of the vehicle's security lock. Upon pressing the button, an audible and visual signal is sent to the head unit which informs the driver that the door is secure and the security lock has been disengaged.

The mechanical lock is used to secure all of the doors and trunk locations on a vehicle and all of the truck components such as roll cages, under bed storage, etc. The physical locks include the auto-lock, safety lock, master key, and accessory lock.

To unlock the vehicle, one simply releases the release key on the inside of the safety lock. While this does not necessarily mean the driver will have to exit the vehicle, they will still need to put the vehicle in gear.

When the entire automotive launch control system is disengaged, it signals the driver that their vehicle will not be secured and that the vehicle should be removed from the truck and ready for sale. This can occur at any time in any weather and can be done on any vehicle.

After disengaging the automotive launch control system, the driver needs to immediately back up their vehicle to the dealer. Once at the dealership, they must log in to the dealership's control panel using the dealer's security key. This system includes a master key, access key, power lock, and dealer key.

After logging into the dealership's control panel, the driver will need to use the power lock key to disconnect the lock on the truck's ignition. If this key is not the key for the vehicle they are currently driving, they will need to select the correct key for the vehicle and then reinsert the key into the ignition.

Once the ignition is disconnected, the driver should then put the manufacturer's key back into the ignition. They will then need to replace the security lock.

Once the locking system is disengaged, the security lock can be easily re-engaged using the security lock installer. It is very important to remember to keep the car out of direct sunlight as direct sunlight can cause damage to the electronic lock in addition to the security lock.

As long as the vehicle is parked in a secure location, a small amount of time must be allowed to allow the vehicle to work through all of the required security checks to ensure that the automotive launch control system is in proper working order. After the necessary security checks are complete, it is important to allow the vehicle to idle for approximately 20 minutes to ensure all of the system components are completely disengaged.

Remember, once the vehicle is returned to the garage and is unlocked, the automotive launch control system can be easily re-engaged. Remember, once the vehicle is unlocked, the automotive launch control system can be easily re-engaged.
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