Dry Cleaning Equipment

Dry cleaning equipment has evolved tremendously in the past few years. It is amazing that the basic equipment of a dry cleaner would have existed since the Middle Ages when the dirty clothes were still stored and later un-packed. In fact, we can trace its lineage to the pre-industrial age when cloth was used to wrap goods.

The cloth was then turned into ribbons that were hung over the doorways and the carts were where it was dried. Even in those days, dry cleaners had to contend with problems such as moths, flies and air contaminants. For this reason, dry cleaning equipment evolved through time.

The biggest development in the dry cleaning equipment has been the evolution of the brushless dry cleaner, which replaces the traditional brush operated machines. These machines work by spraying water on the dirty clothing, resulting in the complete disintegration of the dirt particles, along with removing the lint from the clothing.

This change has been one of the best improvements to the industry. Another major advancement that has been made to the industry is the removal of lint and dross from the clothing. With these improvements, the clothes are less smelly and require less care than before. The scents from the clothes are now more concentrated, as opposed to before, which has increased the satisfaction for customers.

Dry cleaning machines are categorized into two categories; wet and dry cleaners. The types of dry cleaners that exist today are the basic washing machine, the compact electric dryer, the energy-efficient dryer and the commercial dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning machines are categorized into three sections. The first section is the wash cycle that includes the purification stage. The next section is the rinse cycle and the last is the dry cycle. These are followed by the hand dryer for storing the products. Vacuum cleaners are also an essential part of the dry cleaning equipment. Cleaning the clothing requires the use of a vacuum cleaner, which has become one of the most effective types of cleaners available. These machines are generally small, portable and lightweight.

However, not all modern day machines are designed for residential use. There are machines that are specifically designed for the professional cleaning service.

Dryers are also useful in the manufacturing sector. They are ideal for the area where there is no airflow and moisture is present. For instance, the dryers would be perfect for the washing of clothes in a factory environment. These dryers also come in handy for light indoor use.

In most cases, dryers are placed outside so that the air flow is blocked. This allows the dryer to dry the clothes completely, resulting in cleaner clothes.

Dry cleaners are expensive machines. There are several types available that are suited for different areas of the country and offer various types of services. Customers should make sure that they choose the right dry cleaner for their needs.
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