South Africa's Engineering Machinery Auctions

South Africa's large population and low cost of living combine to make it one of the most sought after places in the world for engineering machinery. You can find the leading brands in your area at reduced prices. If you have ever dreamed of being part of a good manufacturing company, then come and experience the excitement of South Africa's engineering machinery auctions.

South Africa's engineering machinery auctions are called Byfield. These are separate to your typical appliance or auto dealer's showroom. It is comprised of multiple auction locations, though not all are open to public. They are all set up as centers for the consumer to bid on and purchase top quality machinery for their business.

The infrastructure of the stores is geared towards selling a wide variety of mechanical and industrial equipment for both domestic and commercial use. Many are located on the outskirts of major cities where local shop owners know that their investment is safe. But due to a change in government policy, others have been forced to relocate.

The first three main ones are as follows: Rappahannock, Pretoria and Alexandra as they are very popular auction sites. Other popular auction sites that do not feature specific ones like Byfield include novembervile, blackrocks and vertx.

Auction participants can bid on various items ranging from automotive, electronic, engineering, pharmaceutical, aerospace, textiles, electronics, marine and even security equipment. Make sure you take advantage of Byfield's electronic and medical equipment auctions since they are only open for the first two days of the event.

This country has a lot of expertise in this fine industry and the most common equipment is an auto assembly line. There are also some designs that incorporate robotic automation, chemical and other chemical related equipment.

These are often found at these auctions and you can see them during the South Africa's International Engineering Machine Manufacturers' Convention. They can be used to produce electronic components for companies with large global production runs. Also, aerospace products are in demand at these auctions.

Electronics is still a hot item and the information age is upon us. Aircraft components, motors, communications and electronic system designs are other popular items at Byfield's mechanical machinery auctions.

Biopharmaceutical firms are also big in South Africa. They specialize in creating new medicines and biotechnological treatments for common ailments and conditions. The goods are patented and some can help people who cannot afford to pay for more expensive forms of treatment.

If you need parts for cars or mobile phones, a part is needed to assemble any vehicle. You will not get this at a local auto repair shop. These parts are called mobile phones.

At these auctions, structural engineering firms will offer cheap parts and pieces for structural engineers who work in construction. They might also offer parts for contractors, masons and electricians who are looking for parts for industrial machinery and other complex mechanical engineering applications.
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