Tips For A Successful Expo

 The annual Green Industry Equipment Expo Louisville is a great place to meet other green builders and purchase green goods. This expo also provides information on environmentally friendly building techniques, equipment that help you reduce your energy usage, and the latest technology in green building design. Here are some tips to help you maximize your visit to this expo:

Find a Table - The Green Industry Equipment Expo Louisville is held in a large exhibition hall, so it's easy to find a table that will accommodate you and your group. The expo usually has between eight and twelve tables available for you to select from.

Reserve a Table - Most of the expo is indoors, so if you're working on getting business out to your table you can do that in a timely fashion. On the other hand, the expo is a large event, so it's important to get ahead of the ball game. Do a quick sweep of the expo or planning meetings early in the event, so you have an idea of the seating arrangements and reservations.

Understand the Parking - Parking at the convention is at a premium. Luckily, most of the venues have lots, but there are often areas that fill up quickly, especially those near the exhibits. If you need to find parking in a hurry, finding a shuttle bus near the expo is a great way to help you find a spot before the expo starts.

Start With Yellow Pages - If you're only looking for green builders, then start with the yellow pages. Most of the organizers put a phone number on their website and websites. If you want to find any of the exhibitors in person, they may not list a phone number.

Call the Expo Organizers - There are generally a number of exhibitors that are not listed in the Yellow Pages. You can usually find their contact information on the event website or through email communication.

Find Out What the Exhibitors Are All About - It's nice to know about the many green makers and innovators, but it's even nicer to find out what their technology is, and if it's something you'd be interested in buying. Be sure to ask about prices and availability; you want to save money.

Plan to Visit Your Local Laundromat - The Green Industry Equipment Expo Louisville is held in a hotel complex near the expo. That's not the only option, however. Some of the exhibitors rent out rooms in hotels nearby, which is more convenient and costs less money.

Remember to Wear the Right Clothes - The weather at the Green Industry Equipment Expo Louisville can be hot and sunny, so you want to look good! Casual, comfortable clothing is fine but make sure you've got on proper attire to withstand the temperatures that might be on the square. Wear light-colored, breathable fabrics.

Get Your Drink Lots of Water - Even though the green building expo is indoors, you're still going to sweat! Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Drink a lot!

Take Plenty of Photos - You'll be snapping away all day so make sure you take plenty of photos. Photos are the key to memory. After all, that's why they call it a memory chip.

Taking advantage of the green industry equipment expo Louisville is easy. Follow these tips and you'll make a lasting impression on everyone who visits.

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