C.I.G. Corporation's Dedication to Industry and Construction

 The Construction and Industry Equipment Group Corporation, known as C.I.G. Corporation, is a public company incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1992. There are sixteen private shareholders, three directors, one president, and thirteen officers.

C.I.G. is best known for its construction equipment and services. These include sheet metal cutting, welding, marking, repair, and fabricating, as well as scrap metal recycling.

The name C.I.G. comes from the initials of Craig Lawson- the company's founder and CEO.

Company funding is collected through five different sources: the General Services Administration (GSA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Division of Housing and Community Development (HUD), and the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). Management of the corporation is shared between seven officers.

The Private Placement Agreement is the first service provided by the Construction and Industry Equipment Group Corporation. They will be visiting selected companies to visit with potential investors. This makes it easier for those companies to gain some form of experience before applying for any type of funding.

The next service provided by the Construction and Industry Equipment Group Corporation is the Facilities Development Advisory Program. This program offers consultants to suggest the changes that need to be made to an organization to increase its efficiency and profitability. It also suggests the changes that the company needs to make to become more efficient.

The last service that the C.I.G. Corporation provides is the industry specific consultants. These consultants are independent individuals or groups who have a particular expertise that is based on their experience in the industry they are advising on. This helps the company to seek advice from outside professionals who have more experience with specific industries than they do.

The Construction and Industry Equipment Group Corporation has been successful in helping corporations and organizations succeed in the industry. These consultants, known as Industry Experts, have vast knowledge of the different industries that the group work in. Some of the industries that these consultants advise are: marine, industrial, auto, metals, paper, textiles, plastics, and transportation, among others.

In addition to their ability to provide industry-specific training and consulting, Industry Experts work closely with the company on a day to day business management. They are responsible for hiring, training, promoting, and managing the executives of the company, and provide oversight for all business decisions that affect the corporation.

The C.I.G. Corporation uses the services of its Industry Experts in a variety of ways. These services range from providing advice on improving efficiency in operations, to developing new products that improve the productivity of the operations, to training employees in skills that they will need to succeed in the industry.

The Consulting industry, which is comprised of the Industry Experts and their associates, provides new strategies, new equipment, and new techniques to the construction and manufacturing business. Their services are applied and implemented, leading to a higher rate of efficiency, lower costs, and better quality. Also, because the Company can keep the Industry Experts informed of any major changes that will help to improve efficiency in operations, productivity, and quality, this allows the company to ensure that it is in constant communication with its partners and customers.

The C.I.G. Corporation is not only a successful business, but also one that helps the world's industries thrive.

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